Laser Engraved Family Rules Wood Plaque

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This plaque is our Family Rules plaque and we have been selling this around Cincinnati for a few years now and are just adding it to our website.  But like all plaques at Cin-dee's Crafts you can modify it anyway that you want without any additional charge,  It is a 10" by 10" alder frame that is hand crafted from alder wood in our own wood shop.  Once it is glued up, cut to size and sanded, we cut a hanger notch in the back and coat both sides with clear polyurethane.  We then laser engrave the plaque either the way we have it, only with your last name, or we can make any changes you want to the wording, making it totally yours.  This will be a great addition to your walls and will let everyone who comes to your house know something about your values.