Grandma's Sweetheart Refrigerator Magnets w/5 Hearts

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This is a unique refrigerator ornament that would be a great gift for a grandmother or even a mother.  It starts with a 4" by 1.5" magnet that has a message such as "Grandma's Sweethearts" on it.  It could say Grandma & Grandpa Sweethearts" or "Mommy's Sweethearts" or "Mommy & Daddy's"  Sweethearts or any variation of that.  The  5 hearts then have the name of the Sweethearts on them and their date of birth.  All engraving is done on pre-finished alder hearts, which are 1.5" by 1.5", and is done based on your specifications.  There is only room for the first name.  The rectangular magnet and the hearts all come engraved with magnets on them so they can be displayed proudly on your refrigerator,  When there is an addition in the family, all you have to do is order another heart.  It is fairly priced and is shipped to your site at no additional charge.  Shipping takes a week to 10 days from placing of order to arrival at your address.