Grandma's Frame

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This is a great frame to give to grandma or even grandpa for Christmas or any other occasion.  This frame happens to say "What Happens at Grandma's  Stays at Grandma's" and then has the Grandkids names around the frame.  But at CIn-dee's Crafts, you can have it say whatever you want, or you can give use the information like what you call Grandma and the names of the grandkids and we can make it just like the example.  Either way, you pay the same price.  At Cin-dee's our frames are based on the size of the frame, not how much engraving is done on it.  So fill out the form as best you can, if you want to draw a picture of what you want and take a picture of it and email it to us or download it to your pc and then upload it to us, you can do that also.  If you need to email something, send it to and just tell us you placed an order and we will figure it out.  Make the frame yours and make it the way you want it.