New Website

New Website

Posted by Clyde Kober on Feb 15th 2014

Welcome to our new Website!

Building a new website is something we really did not want to do, but we were not happy with the functionality of our old site, so it was time to move on before the big Christmas rush.  We think we have everything working, but we will find out over time and will make corrections as we go along.  Please be patient with us.

One thing that will not change is our dedication to new and different things, especially with Christmas coming up.  Take a look at our website and check out the Reindeer and Santa with the flashing LED noses.  We think these are the cutest and most creative things we have every designed and created at Cin-dee's Crafts.  These are on our website and there are links to a Youtube video that my grand daughter was kind enough to star in.

So for now, enjoy the website and if you see any thing that needs changing send me an email at and I will see that it gets corrected.