2 Snow Person on Wood Toboggan

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$2.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This couple of snow people are riding happily on a home made wood toboggan.  Each scroll saw cut member has a colorful homemade hat.  The front snow person leads the way with the second snow person right behind along.  Price includes personalizing each snow person with their first name on their body and the family's last name on a sign being held by the leader of the pack. (Any message can be placed on the sign - the Family's last name, Merry Christmas, Let It Snow, Our Grandkids, ....... you get the idea.)  This is a great gift for that special grandparent with all her grandkids, for newly weds, with the message Our First Christmas, or for any family.
Please enter the following information when placing your order:

  1. The wording you want on the sign that is on the front of the toboggan (There is limited space available...if you want nothing written on it please write "blank" in the box
  2. The Color of the Hat and the Name you want inscribed on the snowman. (See Color Table for available options.  If you do not want a name write blank)